Help - Mowing

Send an email, write "Attention: Mowing Committee" and say that you'd like to help with mowing. Provide your name and contact information.

Help - Mini Work Days

Mini-work days are when we work for a few hours on a wide range of miscellaneous tasks. Send an email write "Attention: Fred Turek" and say that you'd like to be on the mini-workday list. Inculde your name and email and any other contact information that you would like to provide. When one of these mini-workdays is coming up, we'll send you an email, and just respond if you can make it.

Help - Boy Scout Eagle and Girl Scout Gold Projects

Send an email Write: "To: Eagle & Gold Project Contact Comitteee" and provide your contact information. They will be in touch for a discussion on ideas.

Help - Special Skills and Resources that you may have to offer

Do you have a special skill or resource that you feel may benefit Von Oven? For example, those related to: maintenance of buildings, structures, and fences, cutting/keeping clear trees and brush, mowing, mainentance of mowing equipment, advocacy capabilities or relationships that may support our mission, snow plowing, etc. If so, please send an email to Von Oven and inform us.

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