This brief summary is intended to provide a starting point for more detailed information and maps provided elsewhere on this site.

The camp is approximately 10 acres, and provides the usable area and environment of a much larger camp due to it's site plan, buffering vegetation, and (to varying extents) buffering properties on three of its borders.

The western ("back") half of the camp is heavily wooded. The eastern ("front") half of the camp consists mostly of mowed grass with trees overhead, a nice mixture of shady and sunny areas.

There is running water, a spigot at one location which is municipal / Lake Michigan water. There are five individual bathrooms with seperate entrances under one roof, newly rebuilt, lit, not with water, and with handicap accessibility.

Other program related facilities include a cabin (approx. 25' x 30' inside space with countertops, a refrigerator and a fireplace) the pavillion which is an approx. 20' x 20' shelter with open sides, and the campfire bowl with stadium type seating.

Besides the program areas, there are about 9 "troop sized" campsites in the camp. Larger events use them according to their event plans. Usage of the camp by individual units is generally limited to 2-3 compatible units, and so there are plenty of sites and space.